The SMILERS project is an approach that has been developed to support the wellbeing of the whole school community.  We are spelling the word 'SMILERS' as part of the Anti-bullying award. Each letter has an activity associated with it.

S - Stay Connected

 To start off Children’s Mental Health Week, today’s assembly was all about introducing our whole school approach to Wellbeing called Smilers. The Anti Bullying and Anti Stigma Ambassadors helped Miss Edwards and Mrs Bartley explain what’s it means. Each letter represents a way in which you can help your mental wellbeing. Today we looked at the letter S - stay connected. We would like our school community to get involved as much as possible and therefore with each letter we will set a challenge. Over the next 2 weeks we have asked the children to connect with someone they haven’t spoken to for a while. This could be a phone call, video call or going to see someone. Check in on them, ask how they are, what have been up to? We would love to hear how your children have being connecting with friends and family.
The next challenge will be set over half term and the Ambassadors can’t wait!
Thank you for all of your support in making our school having a good approach to wellbeing.

Mrs Edwards


M - Move

As promised, here is our next Smilers challenge, Move.
Click on the link above and learn how to do a funky hand move. Post a video of yourself doing the move onto your class dojo page and earn yourselves some extra dojo points.
We can’t wait to see your funky hand dance!
Thank you to everyone who shared their ‘stay connected’ comments. It was lovely to read how the children were connecting with friends and family.
Miss Edwards and Mrs Bartley


I - Interest

 Today in assembly, our Ambassadors have introduced the next letter challenge which is I for Interest. They have set 4 different levels of clapping challenges for the children and staff to practise. All the children were really involved and had lots of fun. At the end of the week we will see who has improved the most, so get practising everyone, there are extra dojo points up for grabs!
If you want a reminder of how to do some of the challenges please see the videos. Good luck 👏👏
Miss Edwards and Mrs Bartley 😊


L - Look

 This afternoon we completed our next Smilers challenge, L for Look. All the children took part in an eggciting number Easter hunt. Hidden around the school were 20 numbers and a golden egg with a message on. The children had to find all of the numbers to receive 10 class reward points and for an extra 5 points they had to find the hidden egg. The children had a great time running about and were all observant enough to realise that some of the numbers were missing.
Well done everyone for taking part and thank you to our fantastic ambassadors for coming up with the idea.


E - Eat Well

 The latest Smilers challenge set by our ambassadors was for each class to come up with as many different types of fruit 🍉 and vegetables 🥗 with each letter of the alphabet. 1 point was awarded for every food that nobody else had thought of. They were given 20 minutes to complete the challenge and no googling was allowed! Yesterday, during our ambassador’s meeting, the results were marked.
Well done to Year 2 who achieved the most points and have won an extra 20 class reward points 👏🏻. All of the children across school will also receive a dojo point for taking part.
Perhaps you could play this game at home and see how many different varieties of food you can come up with. Have fun. 🤩


Say No To Bullying!

Click the link to view and download our Anti-Bullying Policy.

 We are pleased to announce that following on from our training from the Diana Award we have achieved our first award. We are now the proud recipients of the 'Wellbeing Award'. The ambassadors have worked very hard in achieving this and their actions have impacted on our school environment. To achieve the award we have developed a child friendly anti-bullying policy, introduce a worry system where worries can be reported and easily accessible to all children, make sure our ambassadors are visible to the whole school community and choose 2 areas in which the ambassadors felt we needed to change - we picked creating a buddy bench so that no-one is on their own at playtimes, and having songs during anti-bullying week which promoted positive behaviours.
Great work ambassadors and everyone else in achieving this award.

Internet Safety Day

We had a great internet safety day. We really enjoyed hosting pay to play. Thank you for bringing some of your money to help us raise some funds for Digital cameras across school.

We all learned about the CEOP button which is at the bottom of all of our web pages.

The importance of being different

Here is our bunting displayed with quotes and messages about the importance of being different! Feel free to come into our school hall to have a look!

And a huge thank you to Mrs Beech for sticking 254 inspirational triangles onto the card and to Mrs Gilbert and Mr Dexter for hanging them up beautifully.

Anti-Bullying week

A big well done to our Ambassadors for leading this years Anti-bullying week, where we celebrated diversity and the importance of being unique.

We have appointed some new anti-bullying ambassadors  - here they are if you ever need any help with anything, please find one and ask.

We really enjoyed the Anti-bullying show and workshops. This was really useful and the children really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your contributions so that we could cover the cost of this.

Anti-Bullying Week Letter 2017

Click to view and download our letter for Anti-Bullying Week November 2017.

Safer Internet Day

We are pleased to be supporting the ICT co-ordinator with our Safer Internet Day this year. We had a meeting to discuss what we will be covering and the ABA's will be leading in an assembly and supporting with some this space!


Downoad our Anti-Bullying newsletter:

Thanks to our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

A huge thank you to all the children who applied to be anti-bullying ambassadors this year, we were inundated with applications. The ambassadors read them all carefully and anonymously and we would like to welcome Katie (Y4/5P) and Elliot (Y3/4EdV) to the ambassadors.

We would also like to thank everyone for their entries into our design a superhero competition. The winning designs were Stephen (Y1) and Abigail (Y5). These 'heroes' have now been painted and are on display in our main school hall on the anti-bullying board.

Anti-bullying week November 2016

Visit from our Anti-Bullying Governor

Our anti-bullying governor, Mrs Currie-Smith, also came into school to support the children with creating a whole school 'friendship tree' which is now on display in our school hall. Every child in the school created a 'leaf' - what an amazing piece of art.

Anti-Bullying Ambassador Update September 2016

We worked hard last year 2015-2016 to keep our school a safe and happy place.  Here is a summary of the main things we worked on:

  • Anti-bullying week – we made a big display of everyone’s hands in our school to remind us all about the STOP and START mottos, we had a poster competition to design an effective anti-bullying poster, as well as all the exciting things we did during anti-bullying week we had a special visitor in school to some fab workshops about cyber-bullying and friendship for the younger children.
  • Buddy bench – our buddy bench is now up and running – children can go to this bench to draw or write on the chalk bit on the top.  The ABAs will be looking out for children who may be feeling a bit lonely or need a friend to talk to.
  • We have written our own version of the school’s anti-bullying policy – we are going to share this with the rest of the school in assembly during September and it can be viewed and downloaded here:

We are looking forward to the year ahead (2016-2017).  We have lots of exciting things planning including getting some badges so children can spot us more easily, running a smile/ compliment day in September, short-listing and interviewing for new Year 3 ABA and of course Anti-bullying week this year!

Thank you to all of the old Year 6 ABAs – we wish those lots of luck at secondary school.  We will look forward to adding more information to our page in the future!

Getting creative in Anti-Bullying week

Anti-Bullying Week - 16th-20th of November 2015

We are very much looking forward to Anti-Bullying Week 2015 and have lots of great activities and assemblies planned.  For more information on Anti-Bullying Week and Anti-Bullying in general please have a look at the information provided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance in the links below.  The logo links to information for children and there is also a link below this with information for parents and carers.

Click on the words below to visit the pupil's section about anti bullying week:

Click here to visit the parent's section of Anti-Bulling Week.

Click here to visit the Childline page on bullying.

Download the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors' Newsletter:

STOP! Award

It is a pleasure to announce that Barlborough Primary School has recieved the STOP award for anti-bullying work done in school. A huge thank you to all concerned and especially to our anti-bullying ambassadors who have implemented many of the strategies this year.

Internet safety

We have been promoting internet safety across school this half term and would like to share the good work we have done from Reception to Year 6. Thank you to all the parents who came in to look at the displays produced the children worked very hard on these. Also a big well done to our Anti-bullying ambassadors who led the Safer Internet Day assembly. 

This is the work produced by our Y5 and Y6 and is on display in the HUB.

This work was produced by 4P and is on display in their classroom. They even made some games to go with it.

This display was created by the 'SMART crew' of class 3/4E and is on display just outside their classroom.

Class 2/3W worked hard to produce this display which is on display in their classroom.

These displays are on display in the foyer outside 2G and 1W and show how the children of these classes know how to make the internet a safer place to be.

Even the very youngest members of our school looked at staying safe. This display was produced by RVG and is on display in their classroom.

New DfE Guidance Issued

The Department for Education have updated and published new guidance to help prevent and tackle bullying.

The new content includes advice and information for parents and carers regarding how they can support their child if they are affected by online bullying.

Download the document here:

Whilst bullying incidents are rare at Barlborough Primary School we realise that, like in all schools, bullying can occur.  If you have any concerns regarding your child then please make sure you share these with your child’s class teacher who can then investigate the matter further.  We are always happy to provide a 1-1 session if you require further advice or support.

2015 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Read more about our Ambassadors on their own special page!

Anti-Bullying News

Whole School Flash Mob

During anti-bullying week we produced a flash mob to ‘stamp out bullying for all’. All of the children in school were involved. This will be shown in school in January for anyone who missed the live event (dates to be announced after Christmas).

We also produced videos this year containing important messages to ‘stop bullying for all’. These will also be shown in school in January for anyone who would like to see them, but congratulations to 3/4E for producing the winning video for the websiteu2026

Competition Winners

Well done to our competition winner Cameron, who designed the winning poster with the slogan ‘Be a buddy, not a bully’. This is now on display in the school hall.

Congratulations to all the other runners up too. There were some fantastic posters created with some important messages. Have a look.

Our smile and compliment days were such a huge success that the Anti-bullying ambassadors will be continuing with these throughout the next half term.