The Super 1’s

A Visit to the Sculpture Park

This week we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We had a fantastic time despite the dreaded rain! We enjoyed walking around the park and sketching some of the amazing sculptures that we found. We also had a workshop to make our own huge sculptures out of a range of items. Can you guess the animals we made?

Summer 2 Newsletter


Topic Web Summer 2: Through the Window

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Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Our final party for this half terms topic was our 'Mad Hatters Tea Party!' Children used the cutting, spreading and grating skills that they have been practicing in D&T to prepare a tea party for their parents and family members. Children also made hats at home and took part in the hat parade. It was very difficult to choose a winner, they all looked amazing! Thank you so much to all the adults that attended the party and for all the hard work at home making hats with the children, I know it meant the world to the children!

Coronation Party!

The second of our parties was to celebrate the Queens coronation in 1953. Children made their own newspaper party hats, 'Long may they reign' posters and enjoyed salmon and cucumber sandwiches (Some even asked for seconds!) We washed these down with lemonade and finished off with jam and cream cake. Yum! 

Party Time!

We kicked off our History topic with a street party from 1919 to celebrate the end of WW1. Children had to work in teams to create the party. It included bread and butter, cups of water and making bunting to decorate the classroom. After the food we played party games from 1919 including marbles and creating our own hopscotches. 

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Bunny Bounce


The Deep!

We have had a fantastic time on our class trip to the deep. We got time to explore the different animals that the deep had to offer and found out some fascinating facts. Did you know that a shark has around 30,000 teeth in its lifetime? In the afternoon we learnt about Sea turtles that can be found in St. Lucia and had the opportunity to make a turtle hand puppet.

World Book Day!

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Our Play: The Great Fire of London

A few pictures from the rehearsal for our celebration 'Great Fire of London' play. The children did a fantastic job and were very excited to sing and perform to parents! 

Safer Internet Day

Street dance

This half term we are enjoying street dance lessons with Rich. We are practicing a routine to take to a dance festival!

Creating our own Garden of Eden!

This half term we have been learning about creation stories with Mrs Attia. This encouraged us to create our own garden of Eden, we have also planted some seeds which we can watch grow! 

Letter: Spring Term 1 2016


Topic web: Fire, Fire!

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Christmas Fair

Today has been our Christmas fair! The children had an important job to do, they had to think of a way that our class could raise money. After lots of designing, we decided to make hot chocolate spoons. The children made the spoons and packaged them and then helped to run our class stall. Our product was a huge hit and sold out!

Christmas Party

We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party! First we had some party food, then some games and dancing and just when we thought all of the fun was over.... Santa visited!!!


In RE we have been looking at Jewish and Christian festivals. For the last few weeks we have looked at Hanukkah and how and why light is used in the festival. This week we have made our own Christingles, which means 'Christs light',  and thought about the meaning of each part of the Christingle. Look at the super job we did and the sweets made it until the end of the day!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week has been anti- bullying week. We have been focusing on the STOP, START and VIP acronyms. We have done this through games, art work and making friendship bracelets for each other to be kind friends. On Friday we dressed in blue to show our support and commitment to being an anti bullying class and school!

Children in Need

This week we have been raising money for children in need. We would like to thank any parents that came to support and watch us or sponsored us for our sponsored skipping. We had a fantastic time on Friday dressing up as TV and film characters, also for children in need. 

Letter: Autumn 2


Topic web Autumn 2: England

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Money, money, money!

This week in maths we have started to work on money. We have named the coins and know the values of each coin. We have also  counted up coins and made different amounts. We are ready to do some shopping!

Dahlicious Day

On Friday we joined in with Dahlicious day to raise money for Roald Dahl's charity. The children dressed up as Roald Dahl characters and took part of lots of fun activities including making Mrs Twits eyeball cakes, the BFG's huge ears, Fantastic Mr Fox finger puppets and enormous crocodiles!

Wonka Bars!

We have been focusing on instructions for the past few weeks and looking at their features. Children have followed a recipe to make their own Wonka bars linked to our author focus of Roald Dahl. They are then going to write their own instructions of how they made their scrummy chocolate bar!

Party time!

In RE we have started to look at celebrations. In order to think about how celebrations make people feel we had our own mini party with buns, crisps, balloons and music! We felt very happy, excited and grateful but very tired after the dancing!

Seasons and months

In science we have been learning about the seasons and months of the year. We have created a human chart to show which month our birthdays are in. 

Letter: Autumn 1


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