Class 4P

Ni Hao! (That`s Hallo! in Chinese)


Life in the Golden Age of the Islamic Empire

During this half term, 4P have been learning about the amazing discoveries and achievements of Muslims who lived in the Islamic empire around the year 900AD . The Empire covered modern day Iraq, Syria Spain and parts of Turkey. This photo was taken after they had learnt about how they had hospitals and pharmacies .Tom is having a rather painful operation- we aren`t sure whether they used anaesthetics in those days!


4P had a chance to handle all kinds of rare animals when the Zoolab came to Barlborough. Snakes,  a rat with her babiesu2026.I`m sure they would all like one of them as petsu2026

Summer 2 Newsletter


Bear Grylls takes Assembly

We put on a class assembly for our parents all about our trip to the Heights of Abraham. Of course, Bear Grylls couldn't resist the opportunity to turn the trip up in the cable cars into a Mission Survive challenge. Fortunately, all of the children passed the test and reached the top safely. We also showed our art work - landscape paintings of Matlock Bath using simple principles of perspective .

Who goes on a pilgrimage?

We do, by the look of things. All the members of the class decided on somewhere where they would go on a very special journey, involving a lot of preparation, time and expense. They brought in clothes and other items needed for the trip and took part in a drama lesson. This introduced the idea of special journeys called pilgrimages. This half term we learnt about some Christians who recently made a pilgrimage from Chester Cathedral to Lichfield Cathedral. Next half term, we will be learning about how Sikhs go on pilgrimage to the Golden Temple at Amritsar.

The Heights of Abraham

Our Lower Junior trip to the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath formed part of our Geography topic on how Matlock Bath became one of the oldest tourist attractions in the UK. We all went up in the cable car  then down in the caverns. There was just time for a visit to the gift shop before we descended back down in the cable cars .

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To celebrate St George`s Day this year, each class took part in an activity to celebrate British values. 4P  discussed the  importance of recycling and designed some posters to inform and persuade people to remember the 3Rs- reduce, reuse ,recycle.

What's on this more detail


Summer letter 1


Olympic gymnasts

Rotten Romans!


Be Smart

We took part in Safer Internet Day, on which the class learnt all about how to stay safe online through watching the excellent video, Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew. They were then given the challenge of working in small groups to present what they had learnt in some way. Working together and being creative are two of the Big 13 skills the children are encouraged to practise throughout the curriculum. The children put on plays, sang songs and made board games. They certainly learnt a lot about E-safety.

Sam and Sammy`s Shammy Double Whammy


Spring2 2015 Letter


4P Spring 2 Topics


4P Go Exploring

4P have been taking part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities during PE lessons this half term. They learnt to use a large scale map of Barlborough when they went  on a treasure trail around the village. They also took part in team building activities. In the photos, you can see them organising themselves into alphabetical order on a bench without falling off and making "human words."

Yabba Dabba Doo!