Cultural Development

Cultural Awareness day

 The whole school took part in a cultural awareness day where we joined in with a dance workshop and made samosas. It also coincided with Eid, so we learnt about how our Muslim families celebrate and made Eid Mubarak cards. 

Synagogue and Church trip

Children in year 1 and 2 have been to Nottingham to visit a synagogue and a church. Whilst at the synagogue they had a tour and talk about the different things that can be found inside including looking in the ark at the Torah scrolls. Children also had the opportunity to try on some traditional Jewish clothing, play Hanukah games and make Hebrew letters out of playdough. Whist vising the church, children took part in a treasure hunt! 

Hindu & link school trip

 In the summer term the Y4 children went to Leicester on a joint trip to a Hindu temple with their pen pals from our link school, Belgrave St Peters Primary School. After, they went to their school to enjoy lunch and play with them and worked together on different activities.

Diwali Day

This year we had a whole day to celebrate Diwali day! Children learnt the story behind Diwali and how people celebrate, we also made diva lamps, firework pictures and had a visitor in school! The guest ran a workshop that every child took part in which was very informative and looked at the Hindu traditions. 

The year 5 children went to visit our link school, Belgrave St. Peters, to catch up with their friends and to do some Diwali work together. Afterwards, they went to the Golden Mile in Leicester to join in with the Diwali day celebrations!

Black History Day

As a whole school we celebrated Black History Day. Each class looked at Famous inspirational black people from history and present day and took part in an African drumming session. During the drumming session children were told famous African tales.