Barlborough Forest School

Barlborough Forest School offers outdoor learning to develop children’s self-confidence and skills through engaging with the natural environment. It allows for child initiated activities enabling them to follow their own interests in the outdoors. Children are allowed to find their own inner boundaries though controlled risk taking. It promotes team building, knowledge of nature, wellbeing and above all fun though various activities in a woodland setting giving the children the freedom of expression.

Natural Weapons

We made different weapons out of natural materials including bow and arrows, swords and daggers. We used these to defend our forest school site from enemies.

Den building

We worked as a whole group to set up a den big enough to fit us all in. We had our hot chocolate and biscuits in our den.

Monkey Business

The children had great fun climbing up the trees and hanging around!

Funny Faces

We used some clay to bring the trees to life with faces.

Tool Time

We used a bow saw to cut medallions of wood, we then decorated them to make them Forest School medallions.

Miniature forests

We created our own miniature forests using things we found in the garden.

Shelter building

We set up shelters in the forest to keep us dry from the rain. We then warmed up with a hot chocolate and snack.