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Dear Parents/Carers

Transition Picnics

Please see below the arrangements in place in respect of the ‘Transition Picnics’ planned for next week.

New Reception children – please bring your child onto the playground and head towards the back of the school – you will be taking your child into the garden.  If you have another child in school who is attending the picnic at the same time, please drop them off first.  Please find a space in the garden to eat with your child – please bring a picnic blanket or alternative for you and your child to sit on.  After the picnic and once your child is settled, you will be asked to leave the garden area and move to the waiting area on the playground. This will be an opportunity for you to talk to other parents.  You should remain in the waiting area so that Miss Jolly and Mrs Gilbert can fetch you if there are any problems. You will also need to take your child to the toilet if they need to use the facilities during the session.  At the end of the session, your child’s name will be called and they will come to you in the waiting area.  Please leave the playground using the one-way system.

New Year 1 and new Year 2 – Please take your child up to the field gate where you will be directed by a member of staff – please don’t enter the field until the member of staff tells you to – form a queue which follows social distancing guidance.  Access to the field will be from 5 minutes before the start time – please do not arrive before this time.  At the end of the picnic you will be collecting your child from the school field.  Please form a queue at the gate until you are directed in by a member of staff.   Please adhere to social distancing guidelines – particularly when exiting through the gate.

New Years 3-6 – Your child needs to come to the school playground and line up at their new classroom.  Parents are not to accompany their child on to the playground.  The teachers will walk the children to the field after initial introductions.  If your child is late then you will need to walk your child to the field gate.  Your child will return to school before the end of the picnic.  Please wait for your child outside the allocated gate –

                                   Y3 and Y5 – large double gate

                                   Y4 and Y6 – small central gate

Please adhere to social distancing guidance whilst waiting.

All - Where possible we will endeavour for the picnic to go ahead as planned.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather i.e. sun cream and a hat if it is sunny, rain coat if it has given showers. You may send your child with a picnic blanket or alternative for them to sit on if it is damp – no chairs please.  Don’t forget the picnic – all food/drinks need to be supplied by parents/carers.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Towndrow-Birds


Returning to School


Letter to Parents regarding return to school



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