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Autumn Term Newsletter

A big welcome back to all the children and parents!  I hope that you have all had a lovely Summer holiday and the children are now refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of Year 3! 

It’s been so lovely being back with my class again. J We have had a busy start to the week, learning the story ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. This will give us the techniques, language and grammar skills needed to write our own magnificent myths, as well as launching our new topic – Groovy Greeks!

To help us develop our reading skills, we would like to ask you to hear your child read for 10 minutes at least 3 times a week and sign their reading record. There will be a new reading incentive soon to encourage children & parents to read together as often as possible. We appreciate your support with this, we know how busy life can be but those extra reading sessions will help your children to achieve their highest potential. This week the children have just carried on reading the book band colour they were on last year. This is because in Key Stage 2 the reading system is different. Children will undertake a small online test that will give them a Lexile score instead of a book band colour. Children can then choose a book from their Lexiled reading list. This may sound complicated at the moment, but it’s honestly not. We are currently waiting for each child’s log in details. Once I have these I will test the children. Once I have their Lexile score I will let you know what it is and they’ll be a letter explaining all about it. Please be aware not all children will score on the Lexile system so will keep reading coloured book banded books until they achieve a Lexile score. You will probably find your child reads less individually this year. This is because the emphasis on reading moves away from individual readers to guided reading sessions.  Your child will take part in at least one guided reading session each week.  During these sessions the focus moves away from decoding skills to understanding / interpreting the text. Comments are not made in children’s reading records during these sessions but diaries will be stamped so you can see they have read as a group that day.  

In maths, we will continue our Place Value topic we started during transition week which focusses on 3 digit numbers. This will be followed by learning practical and formal methods of addition and subtraction of numbers up to 1000.



I can read out loud fluently, using a range of punctuation.

I can discuss my understanding of the text.

I can use a dictionary to check the meaning of words.



I can compare and group rocks based on their appearance and physical properties, giving a reason.

I can describe how fossils are formed.

I can describe how soil is made.

I can describe and explain the difference between sedimentary and igneous rock.


To understand why we have rules in school and to always follow these.

To recognise and accept that all families are different.

Just like last year your child will receive homework every Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. The rules in Key Stage 2 are a little different though. If children do not complete & hand in their homework then they have to miss some of their Golden Time on a Friday afternoon to complete this. Obviously if there is a genuine reason homework has not been completed then please contact me through Dojo or by ringing school as I would not want your child getting upset about this if it is not their fault. There will be a little bit more homework this year than last in line with our school policy.  Homework will be a mixture of online homework and paper based exercises. If your child is not able to access the online homework please let me know as soon as possible.

Date homework is sent home


Friday 7th September

English – Writing Homework

Maths – Homework Books

Friday 14th September

Maths – Homework Books

Friday 21st September

English – Reading Comprehension Books

Maths – Mathletics (online)

Friday 28th  September

Maths – Homework Books

Friday 5th October

English – Grammar Homework

Maths – Mathletics (online)

Thursday 11th October

Maths – Homework Books

Friday 19th October

English – Reading Comprehension Books

Maths – Mathletics (online)

Friday 26th October

Maths – Homework Books

Spellings will now be handed out on a Wednesday to be tested the following Monday.  Please make sure children keep their spelling book in their bag or at least make sure it is in school every Monday.  Children will receive 6 spellings the same as last year. Again the rules are stricter in Key Stage 2. If children do not get at least 5 spellings correct then they will have to practise them again during playtime one day. Children will receive spellings suitable to their ability to this is achievable.

 Your child will not have received any spellings this week so there will be no test on Monday. Their first lot of spellings will be given out next Wednesday.

I am however sending home a copy of the words that children need to be able to spell correctly in Years 3 & 4.  Some of these will be sent home for the spelling tests but you may want to work through them with your child over the year as they will be tested on them in July. 

Parent Helpers
We are always looking for volunteers to hear readers in our class so children are given as many opportunities to read as possible.  We would also be grateful if anyone would be able to test pupils on their times tables – we will give you a sheet with the answers on so don’t worry if you’re rusty!  Even 20 minutes would be appreciated so please get in touch. 

Dates for the Diary

  • Wednesday 26th September: Swimming Starts
  • Thursday 25th October: Class assembly
  • Friday 12th October: INSET Day

Other Information:

  • Children are encouraged to bring drinks bottles to school with water so they can have a drink in class.
  • There is no longer free fruit available to your child. This is a Key Stage 1 initiative only. if children require a snack at playtimes they are allowed to bring their own fruit or dried fruit. Please note: children will need to bring their snack into the classroom ready for playtime.
  • Lunch boxes, PE kits & coats are now kept in children’s own lockers.
  • During the year all children in Year 3 will be given the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons. Swimming lessons will take place on Wednesday afternoons, during school time. Look out for the swimming letter that will be coming home soon!
  • This half term PE will be on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child has appropriate kit in school on these days (including suitable footwear) or they will not be permitted to take part. Long hair must be tied back and jewellery (including earrings) should be removed or tape should be provided so children can tape them up themselves.

I aim to make the transition from KS1 to KS2 as smooth as possible for your child however if you have any concerns / worries about your child then please don’t hesitate to come and see me. 

Miss Gee

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